Don Juan

2002-02-03 04:12:09 (UTC)


DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I'mc cso fucking hight right tnow
wthat I don't even know id fI can tupe worth a shit!!! I
hve it made right now... i'm high as fuck and I'm eating
pissa for a munchi3e. I could probable yo back to the
works I've typed wtong better, I just dont' gice a shit!!
for me not to give a shit, I'cve got to nbe so fucking
hith... because afeter all, I'm a caring peuronson. God
DANMW!!!!! NOw I nkwo why I like weed so ndamn much. IT's
awersome!!!!!! I wonder how high I'd have to get before I
forgot to care about the problems in my life?

I wonder.

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