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2002-02-03 03:32:19 (UTC)

crazy week

The week just flew by, it was way too busy for me. And not
the greatest week either. Found out one of my cousins, 41
yo, has breast cancer and may be facing a single or double
mastectomy, we don't even know how far it's progressed yet.
It was devastating news, and my mom's upset, that is her
god-daughter, so I was upset over that.

Then my boss and I had a huge blow-out. He did something
really stupid, I reacted, properly, but I let him know how
I felt about it, it was kind of ugly but through it all i
guess I'm happy about how I handled it.

Terry and I went to see Jeff Foxworthy on Thursday night. I
took him to dinner and to the show for his birthday which
was Friday. We had fun, the show was great, but there is
something off with me and Terry. He's getting on my nerves,
and I think he's losing interest in me. I asked if he
wanted to come in after the show and he declined. Then
Friday I went to his parents house for his bday dinner, had
a nice time with them, but it's just odd between Terry and
I. His mom says, "OK Terry bring Michele to the table, i'm
ready for you, and he just gets up and goes and sits down
and leaves me sitting on the couch. Hello???? So his mom
says, Come on Michele.... and then it came up at dinner
while we were talking, something about Casino's and the
money they have to have on the floor and his mom asks me if
I saw Ocean 11, and I said, yes, i did, and he just looks
at me, like...when? with who? But of course, he doesn't

I've heard from Chris during the week, he is a real
sweetie, he sounds really happy and anxious to see me
again, he's sent me a couple e-cards and we've talked too.
We're meeting tomorrow for dinner at a local mexican
restaurant and then we're going to the movies..he said, "I
can't wait to see you again" and I feel the same.

The farmer emailed me yesterday, sent me a joke and a
personal note, says he hopes i'm enjoying 2002. Not sure if
I should answer him or not.

I'm getting my house stuff/chores under control. I feel
better about my efforts. It's nice to come home and like
where I live.

Tonight I'm having a drinkypoo and watching movies. I just
saw Tortilla Soup. I liked it. I also got Oh Brother, Where
Art Thou and American Sweethearts. I'm happy to be home
tonight and relaxing.

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