Mysterious Attitude
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2002-02-03 02:16:34 (UTC)

Saturday Feb. 2,2002

*Time: 7:50 p.m.
*Wearing: red shirt and baby blue shorts that have flowers
on them
*Jewelry: tha usual
*Hair: down messed up
*Listenin to : tha sound of me typing and my mom snoring
*Song of the day : How U Remind Me- Nickleback
*Weather: sorta chilly
*Talking to : no one I have my away message on
*Mood: happy/tired
*Later: Do homework, write Amanda, and talk on tha phone
*Money Count: 15 bucks
*Thinking: Eh... I HATE cleaning!!!


All day yesterday and today I've been cleaning. I'm still
not done tho :( I still have to wash clothes and sweep.
After I dunno bout 2 years... I finally cleaned my
bookshelf. hehe it looks all neat and stuff now!!!!



Lydia paged me last night at 20 till 1am. We didn't talk
long cuz sumone called her and I guess she was going out.
It must be nice to go out when u want!!! lol She hasn't
paged me today so I dunno what she is up 2 :)


I called Ryan at 5:30pm but his mom said he was busy. I
just called back again and there was no answer. Eh..... so
forget him!!! lol Well I called him back cuz Erica told me to. He
ended up havin to call me back. I was sorta mad anyway so I was givin
him this smart ass attitude. lol He was like well hey can I call u
back later on... I said nope and he got all pissy on me. hehe I luv
to make him mad!!!


Alexander paged me at 6 sumthing but my pager didn't go
off. He was online and I IMed him. He told me he paged me
and I called him back. We didn't really talk long cuz he
put me on hold forever ... so I just hung up after 5
minutes lol. I called him back about 20 minutes later and
he was getting on my nerves cuz he was talkin bout sex and
all this other stuff. Sumone else had called him so I hung
up with him cuz I didn't feel like waiting for him!
He was also askin me bout what's going on between me and
Lydia and what did I think of her looks. I didn't really
answer him and he got pissed, but ohh well. ::shrugs:: I
called him back cuz I got bored. We talked for a lil bit and I
started to talk bout Jack and ended up crying :( He let me go
cuz his friend was coming over, and that was that lol.


Connie called me last night. It felt pretty good talkin to
her!! We talked for a lil bit and then she had to go. She
said she would call me back but she didn't :( Eh.. so I
will probably call her tomorrow.


Yeppers we're fighting again!! I'm gettin so tired of
him!!! Its like he still don't have any time for me. When I
IMed him yesterday he wasn't answering me, so I told him
that I really needed to talk to him. Well, he IMed me right
back. I told him that I would tell him what it was later
cuz I needed to get my case together. I IMed him under AOL
and was like now its time for u to see how it feels. I then
put on my away message that said Hey everyone how are u
doing? I'm probably at my computer right, but I'm avoiding
sumone I'm pissed at. So leave me a message and if I don't
get back to u its u! He saw it and I said... opps I'm sorry
but I think we got a winner!! lol Then I was like get ready
to see tha new me aka 110% bitch. He was laughing then I
told him. U find it funny now but lets see if u will in tha
next few weeks. I then went on to say ... we got a winner
lets tell him what he won. a free trip to fly on Hele
International...where all the men haters play. He also won
a free stay in the new luxury hotel Tha Dog House, All
experiences and expenses paid by HeleBoo. Then I told him
to get ready to set foot into my world. He was like it
can't be as bad as mine. I was like oh but it ain't my real
world ... its going to be one that's worst then mine. Shit
I forgot what else I said and what I did remember I don't
remember precisely what I said! But it was in tha lines of
that. I told him why I was mad at him again and stuff but
he just signed off. Also I got kicked tha first time we
talked during a very good time lol... when I was tellin him
fine don't answer me it's all gravy. Hehe Connie had called


I got another letter from Amanda. She sent me another
picture and she is sooooooo pretty!!! She thinks she is
ugly tho :( But I think she is very HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!! I
gotta write her back l8er on tonight :)


Omg omg omg... Justin ran away tha other day. They found
him bout 50 miles away from his house. From what I heard he
said that he isn't going to go home because Renee and Bear
abused him tooooo much :( He also said if he does go home
he will kill himself :( I'm like sooo worried bout him...
and I don't think I will ever get to see him again :( I
guess he will be put in a placement home. So I dunno I'm
going to try and see if my mom will take me to see him
before they send him sumwhere for good :(


Well, it looks like I won't be meeting Lou anytime soon :(
He will be in Indy for bout 3 weeks starting Monday. He
also had to work today :( We got into a lil fight last
night cuz I got so many screen names and stuff. I think he
might be mad at me cuz I was like fine if all of my sn's
bother u... I will block u from all of them but this one so
that way I won't be able to IM u from them. He didn't
answer me and I didn't bother to IM him again.

~*~*BI TIME~*~*

I went into a bisexual chat room last night. This bisexual
17 year old female from Indiana IMed me. We talked for a
lil bit and she seems really nice/sexual lol. She wants to
meet me and she thinks I'm really pretty... but I dunno.
Who knows maybe we will. She has a boyfriend tho but she is
also looking for a gurlfriend! By tha way her name is
Nikki. She is 5'6,skinny,blonde hair,blue eyes 34 b lol.
Sorta fits tha way Amanda looks huh?


Eh... I can't really think of anything to say. Erica just
Imed me and she made me lose my train of thought :( So if I
think of anything else to write I will be sure to put it in
here.... so I guess I shall go for now buh bye


Erica called me while I was on tha phone with Alexander. So I told
her to call me back and we talked for a lil bit. She is coming over
tomorrow at like 3 so I gotta finish cleaning lol. Well anyway I'm
like so bored I think I'm bout to go do sumthin to cure it. So I'll
catch u later buh bye 4 now