Dreaming out loud
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2002-02-03 01:14:42 (UTC)

Long time no see

'fraid I left this diary for a LiveJournal (oops), but
anyways, there was a little... incident and I'm back here

Anywho... about Yours Truly.

Name: Moni (you don't need to know any more than that,
thanks much)
Age: 12, but don't tell the staff
Sex: The sexy one. Er, female.
Grade: 7th
Hair color: Brown with a hint of red (it's the Irish in me,
Eye color: Brown (I wear glasses but I'm fighting for
Skin color: creamy brown (chocolate brown Asian Indian/white
European mix)
Religion: Hindu
Food: Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
Color: Pastel/hot pink, lemon-yellow, lavender, ice-blue,
sherbet orange, that spiffy color you get at sunsets
Jewelry: I'm not a jewelry type of girl.
Book: Um... The Ghost Next Door by Wylly Folk St.
John wins hands-down, but I guess there are a few others.
Ok, a lot of others!
Word: Bloop, spiffy, euh...
Activity that involves a lot of movement: Ballet dancing
Activity that DOESN'T involve a lot of movement: I have a
few... chatting online, talking on the phone, reading,
writing stories
Type of music: rock
Artist/Band: U2
CD: U2 7
Song: Summer Rain (but the Elevation Influx Remix and the
Beautiful Day Quincey and Sonance Remix are stiff
Least favorites-
Food: Kathri-kai curry (Indian food, gross, slimy, general
Color: Anything that has anything to do with puke. Yuck.
Jewelry: Those really weird black bracelet things that twist
halfway up your arm
Book: Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. (snoooore!)
Of course, Shane is incredibly horrible too.
Word: aight
Activity that involves a lot of movement: Being forced to
run when I don't feel like it.
Activity that doesn't involve a lot of movement: Staring at
the wall
Type of music: Rap
Artist/Band: DMX, Eminem
CD: All their albums
Song: All their so-called "songs"

That'd be me, folks. Halleluyah.

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