Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-04-23 21:07:33 (UTC)

one yaer later oct 29 00

this was also penned in prision
As for now I try really hard not to write about this place
The drag the drama the things we do cause some of its so
fucking insane. I do good here though Im a ritghious wood
what ever that really means anymore.I really try to stay
away from this place on these pages and stick with thoughts
about other things any other things. The longer I stay here
the more this becomes my reality and the other things slip
Somtimes right before i go to sleep or when i first wake
up though I can remember really remember. remember
holding erika or carrie I mean almost feel their breath,
smell their hair but it slip away so quickly I could never
have time to wisper a word. So quickley into this reality
so quickly into this reoccuring de-ja-vu this endless
ground hogs day. And once awoken into this
reality ,memories seem hard to scrape, like I remember
erika and things but not like I used to or just not clearly
this place makes it hard to search the memories and I
wonder if after another year I shant think about any thing
but this?

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