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2002-02-03 00:40:49 (UTC)

[19:28] i need to update my journal


sup, hanging out, dishing out the news like always, so its
the weekend, and here i am at 730 on a saturday night,
typing away like a crack addict looking for low-quality non-
pornographic gay pron. here is the skivvy:

Friday: werk til 7am, drove home on the ice, that was hella
fun. slept til 3, cashed my check, learned i get benefits
from werk. went to Spankinsons, put the factory deck back
in the 9c1, and put the spotlight in. took us a hole 20
min. went to Cedar Springs to a Paintball shop to get the
tanks filled, then got some pizza, hella good. then went to
meijers to steal auto fuses (seriously) and went to ambers,
talked for like 5 min, then went to see Black Hawk Down
again, ownz. then back to her house to watch the Matrix, it
was confusing to me. went home, slept.

Saturday: washed the 9c1, took some pics, wired the
spotlight, took more pics, ate and cleaned it out a little
bit. gotta watch cops in 20 min and werk on my website to
get more traffic to it.

Sunday: Starts in 4 hours, so i dunno what happended

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