mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-02-02 23:40:59 (UTC)

pretty good day today...

so far today has been a pretty good day . Lisa got 1/2 of
her income tax refund, we went out & did some shopping for
kids , got them some clothes. startin to get ready for trip
to niagra falls, jon,jess,& nicole seem excited, but
somethin was buggin mike today , not sure what. He was very
bummed , so it seemed. its 6:30 now, i got slight headache
(again) seems i am always gettin them now, dont know why.
I LOVE YOU LISA ! - hey how could i forget...we got Lisa's
rings in mail today,they look great ! im very glad we got
them, now need to get them sized & she wants me to find
romantic way to give it to her, im not sure what i am gonna will be early night at work tommorow, i will be
workin 11-7, as long as jim doesnt book off. he was sick
today , i am hoping he will be here tommorow.
thats bout it for now.... cya !