Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2002-02-02 23:25:09 (UTC)

been awhile

Hey its been about a week since i wrote in here the last
time...I talked to zack, im not mad at him anymore, i just
think that it's crappy that i still love him, cuz
everything i do, in some way or another, there is always
something there that makes me think of him...always! I'm so
sick of it...oh well...this week was pretty I'm
really sick, today I'm feeling like the worst I have yet. I
went to the doctor yesterday and she just said that I had a
really bad sinus infection, but man it feels like im
frickin dyin here! Oh well, I gotta act like I feel ok or
good so that my mom will let me go to the party
tomorrow...i cant wait! It's gunna be so fun....but i just
found out from dan(the guy who is taking me to the party)
that zack might be at this party. Oh well, if he is, then
im just gunna act like hes not there!! Ya, i decided that i
was going to ask nick to vis versa, but now I don't think
that I am going to anymore.....thats another story all
together...but anyways....things are so different now...

Liz(my sister) was like my best friend, i mean we talked
about everything and always liked to spend time with each
other, but now that she has her "new group" of friends, its
like she doesnt even kno that I exist. It pisses me off, at
least I have kara and becca cuz i mean we r together 24/7
anyways! But still, she doesn't even try to include me in
on her life anymore....she's not even my sister...basically
thats how I see it....

Well thats enuf ramblin for now, im startin to have a
coughin spell(UGH!) ill ttyl!

Love ya'll and Godbless!