The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-02-02 22:38:00 (UTC)

various things...

Today I slept till 11:30am (it was great) and then when I
got up I just layed in bed for 2 hrs reading Black House...
a new Steven King book. I didn't even take a shower till
after 2 when a friend of mine (Tomi) called to see if I
wanted to join her for lunch at ADUC. Then I came back to
her room to help her decorate her bulletin boards. We
finished them a while ago... now she is napping and I am
surfing the net.

I am so annoyed that my car isn't working. You never
realize how much you use it till it won't run. At least the
problem is easily fixable so it won't be broken for long...
till next week at least. Fleh on technology that always
needs fixing. I am convinced that all technology is the
spawn of satan and was put on the planet to give you more
work to do... especially cars and computers!

Oh.. and I have a cold. Blah on the weather changing
quickly between warm and cold... oh well, all will be fine
again in a week.