the expunged refuse of my evil mind
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2002-02-02 22:27:13 (UTC)

ccrazy people

my dad comes barging in the house, seemingly sober. he then
procedes to watch me play my videogames in the living room for
aboout 2 seconds and says, thats pointless. he then goes to his
studio, (same house) and does something. he then comes
back, tells me to go to my room and play, even though there is
no one home, and he wont be in there. he says that its "public
space". so i get my stuff together and go to my room. then i find
him in my room, everything thrown everywhere, looking through
my stuff. i ask him whats he doing. he says wheres the cable. i
have no idea what the fuck hes talking about. i say what cable.
he says the cable for the camera. we have 2 cameras and tehre
are maybey a total of 10 cables all together. i ask him which
cable for the camera. he says the one that i lent you. first of all,
its my moms camera, second of all, i havent used either of the
cameras for at least a month. he contiues to tear my room apart.
he starts yelling saying that i lose everything and that i am
worthless. he tells me that hes never gonna let me use the
cameras again, even though theyere my moms. he yells and
yells. after hes satisfied that he hasnt found it, he goes to his
studio, then he comes back in like 2 mintues and is throwing
stuff everywhere again. i hate him. so now hes loking
somewhere else, and im sure hell be back.

what the fuck am i here for?

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