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2002-02-02 22:19:02 (UTC)


for those of you who are actually interested in my boring
life, I am sorry I didn't write for a while.

jacob and I are official now and we are making a lot of
plans to visit each other. so many people thing long
distance relationships never work out, but we have been
really close best friends since 5th grade. so now I have
something to look forward to in my life....its really nice
having someone, except I can't see him for months at a
time. I just really hope this turns out to be a good
thing. my mom was trying to find my online diary the other
day she put in such subjects as 'crew'.....hahaha....I am
not a psycho crazed rower I don't obsess about it in my
diary. Anyways....I am going to let her keep searching if
she finds it, thats cool, she can read it, but I am not
going to just let her devulge herself into my personal
thoughts. That would just be wierd. last night I went to
the mighty mighty bostones concert, it was my second time
seeing them in concert. it was fun. before the show my
mom made me go to schenec. and pick up drugs with her
(WIERD!!!!!) my mom and I are open like that though. I
hope the band liked that bud!

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