a little piece of me
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2002-02-02 22:05:25 (UTC)

more of the usual

just got back a few minutes ago. trip was rather boring as
usual. had a fairly decent weekend, all things
considered. i skipped class on thurs cause of the
weather. got a note from the doc. he upped my dose and
told me something rather interesting...i have a heart
murmur. seems odd that no one ever told me before.
especially him, since i've been to him several times in the
last few months now. i dunno. must not be too bad, he
didn't make a big deal out of it.

anyway, last night granny and i went out for the evening.
she took me to red lobster (she and i are the only ones
that eat seafood...no complaints there!). i had the crab
linguini stuff...excellent. granny had lobster of course.
lol. then we went shoe shopping. my large feet make it
damn near impossible to find decent boots. i actually
found 2 pairs! she bought them both for me, even though i
fought and argued for like 10 minutes about it. they
weren't very much. boots were on sale :) then we went to
the movies. we saw 'mothman prophecies'. it was very
good. kinda x-file-ish. granny actually liked it. how
cool is she? 65 year old lady going to see something like
that? she's pretty kick ass.

other than that, nothing much else happened. jeremy came
by. found out he's also on something because he hears
voices. i feel bad for him. he's so lonely and stuff, and
i don't want to lead him on so i kinda avoid him. guess i
should cut that out. dunno. well, my head hurts so i'm
gonna go. oh, one more thing. brett deserves a lot more
credit than i've given him. if you're reading this,
thanks. don't know what i would do without you. same to
you heather.