The trilogy of my life
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2002-02-02 22:00:15 (UTC)

Everything Sucks!

Lets start off with yesterday. Around 8pm yesterday i
decided to go to a party with some friends and when i got
there it was a lot of fun. I got home about 12 and went to
bed a little bit later. Today i had to get a suit cuz i'm
going to be a sponsor for my cousin's conformation and i
had to try on my old one to see if it fits well when my dad
went to go get it he found a empty bottle of pucker in the
sleve. Well the bottle got there about a year ago and
since then i forgot about it and it just got left there and
not that my parents found out about it they are really
pised (i would be too). It's just that lately i've felt
like a failure and not this just topped it off. I'm having
trouble with girls i like, i'm having trouble knowing if my
friends are truley my friends and now i feel like i've let
my parents down when they found that. My hole world is
like crumbling in my hands and falling so out of reach.
Should i deserve this life i have? i feel like shit and
there is probally no way to change that. i'll be back
later to finish this right now.