A look inside my head
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2002-02-02 21:18:01 (UTC)

i don't know what it is, maybe the full moon, but everyone's acting really weird.

I must be the strangest person on the face of this earth,
because EVERYTIME I have a really awesome night with a guy,
the next day I don't want to have anything to do with him.
Take last night. Kyle came over and I really felt like
shit. So I layed down on the couch downstairs and kyle was
on the computer and I was in pain. My head was pounding
from that stupid sking accident last monday and my forehead
was hot and I was just laying there wondering when he'd
finally pay attention to me. Eventually he came over, and
it was so sweet because he practically layed on top of me
and kept asking me what was wrong and if I was mad at him,
and finally i just told him that I didn't feel good. So
he's like "give me a kiss", out of the blue, and that led
to some "foreign influences" if you know what i mean,
specifically from the region of paris. And boy is he
aggressive. I guess Sarah Parker was right. Well anyway, I
woke up this morning feeling all weird, and every time i
thought of him I just tried to shut it out. Then I called
him today because we're all supposed to go to the movies
tongiht. And he's like well i have to go, and I'm like why?
and he's like well i'm going to get a playstation game with
my brother and I have to go to the skate shop, and I don't
know if I wanna go because I have no money, blah blah blah

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