Baby Story
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2002-02-02 20:45:31 (UTC)

18 wks 4 days

Is it just me? Am I really that irritable? Cranky?
Emotional? Mean? Unloving? Not fun? I mean, am I THAT
bad that I have to be the reason that every little bad
thing happens to Nelson? Soooo, Im being super-emotional.
But still, he doesnt need to get mad at me when I walk in
front of his play station game and make him do badly (3
times in a row), but Im getting ready for work, and there
is NO WHERE ELSE TO WALK... mind you I live in a ONE ROOM
apartment. I even made him omletts with a bagel for
breakfast this morning. And THEN, he comes into work to
type some letter up and while he is here, decides to tell
me that I should have pulled a car out for his guy, so he
didn't have to back it up, and that he doesnt think I care
about this job anymore because Im leaving. Well, damnit, I
DONT CARE!!! I DONT I DONT I DONT and WHO is HE to tell me
that Im not doing my job right??? ERRRRRRRRRRR! Do you
think its just these damn pregnant hormones, or am I really
being such a terrible person? Maybe HE is irratable! Its
seems as though, every thing i say and do lately just makes
him get frustrated or mad or "quiet". AND IM SICK AND
TIRED OF IT!!! He has been SUCH a GREAT guy through all of
this, so supportive, fun, caring, loving, sweet, etc, etc,
etc, so WHAT HAPPENED??? AHHHHH Okay, I think I just
really needed to vent. Sorry about that!!!

Im at work (Its Saturday, the VERY LAST Saturday that I
have to work at this place... that tells me that Im not
going to have a job to return to after I have my babe, the
nerve of them!) I am LOVING my other job, and even stayed
late on Friday because of CHOICE. I really wanted to
finish up what I was doing. It was nice. A lot different
from here, where I stare at the clock the entire last hour
waiting for it to tell me I can leave, because I HATE being
here SO much! I think im in a bad mood... what do you
think, lol!

Check out this site You can see
GREAT pics of babies in utero. My baby is right between
the 16 and 20 week pics, but closer looking to the 20 week
pic. They are AMAZING!

He/she is kicking a whole. Its so much fun to get little
jabs in my tummy all throughout the day. Im sure Ill be
screaming and "venting" about those "little" kicks soon
though. Just like Im screaming and venting about Nelson
today. He just made me so mad. Im sure we will be dandy
fine tonight though.

Im looking forward to the Superbowl tomorrow. Im actually
going OUT! Our friend Kevin won VIP tickets to this
restaurant/bar for the superbowl party and invited Nels and
I to go with him and other friend Manny. Im DD, for obvious
reasons, but needless to say, this is the FIRST time Im
going OUT in FOUR WHOLE months.... YIKEs!

Well, I guess this is getting a BIT long. Im sorry.
THanks for listening, if you made it THIS far... LOL.