My discombobulated rambling of Terra
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2002-02-02 19:27:00 (UTC)

My bf's cheating

I gave CJ all the chances in the world. all the chances in
the world to get it right. I stood by him thru all his
dumbass things and he treats me like shit. Turns out before
him and I started going back out he was fucking some other
girl. and the only reason they didn't get together was b/c
SHE didn't want to. Katrina says the only reason he's with
me id b/c he cant find anyone else who wants to be with him
while he's in TX. FUCK FUCK FUCK. how could i be so blind?
damn damn damn. I love him so much. It's sickning to know
he would play me like that ..

i gotta go ill write later ..

Much Love, ~**~Terra~**~