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2002-02-02 18:50:52 (UTC)

kenny hesne and other stuff

Okay well i hven't written in a couple of days so let me
see were i left off. The other night i spoke to the gu on
here..hmm it was real interesting. I was pretty open I
guess. I love kenny chesne! the concert was the shyyyt!!!
So the other night I went to the concert with my co-
wrker/ was fun. I babled lol..I talk so much bt it
was interesting. oh ya i found out after the concert that
keith is seeing meghan...ASSHOLE! I hate when people lie
about that shyt damn...I guess I'll tell him I cheated on
his sorry ass... any way.after the concert i just wnt was real awesome i had a lot of fun. last niht i
got hiiigh as fuck..lord i didn't mean just
happened. John F. and Dave B came and picked me up we went
to a couple of peoples houses went to daves smoked like
hell (good stuff 2). Later around 9 or 10 Mike K. and roy
B. came over it was cool. Roy use to hate me. we were
neighbors and we were kinda seeing each other and then 1
night something happened long story not worth telling. S
last night he completly changed he was trying to kissme and
eerthing real weird..oh lord mike was al over me
also..ididn't mind he played with my hairand stuff it was
cool. before they came when ever dave left the room john
was all over me saying so whats gunna happen
tonight "nothing" that was always my reply. when john
wasn/t looking davewas trying to get wth me. so last night
dave called me but i a sout at denys with my brother. He
wanted me to stay the night. I was like leave me alone im
sleeping. it was funny. This morning mike called so i guess
we are gunna chill tonight. I guessthats it..schools
good..I'm out! fukkeith!