2002-02-02 18:48:58 (UTC)

A Cat Adventure

I didn't have quite enough red and striped material for the
eagle block so I took some red and white fabrics and cut out
strips and made my own! There was nice package for me from
The Quilted Garden in today's mail with lots of patterns and
books so I spent some time this afternoon examining (okay,
drooling over) them. I've promised myself, however, that I
won't start another project until I finish the American
Spirit top. There are enough half finished projects in the
hall closet now!

Gavin is going to the movies tonight, staying at Dan's house
overnight and Dan will drive him to Eugene tomorrow to see
Jason, Mike and Jessica. I think he'll be spending most of
his time with Jessica. He'll stay over at Jason and Mike's
and then we'll go into Eugene on Sunday to pick him up.
We'll stop at Safeway to do grocery shopping and put gas in
the van while we're there so I need to sit down and make a

My desk is in the dining room right next to the sliding
glass door. I love this in the spring and summer because I
can open the door and enjoy fresh air, flowers, and singing
birds. It also means I'm doorman for the cats! When I
hear meowing I just reach over and open the door, often
without even looking. I'm glad I looked this morning
because it wasn't Sugar or Spice meowing at the door. It
was a nice looking striped cat who wanted in. He really
wanted in and was very persistent with his meowing! Sugar
was on the other side of the glass and didn't like this
interloper at all. There would have been one hell of a
chase throughout the house if I'd let that cat in.

This did happen once. John had left the back door ajar one
late on a summer evening and a neighbor's cat came in to get
a little snack from the cat food bowl which is right inside
the door in the utility room. Sugar didn't like this and so
began a chase with the neighbor cat followed by Sugar
followed by John. He said they ran down the hall, in the
bathroom, out of the bathroom, back down
the hall, over the coffee table, up on the kitchen counters
and then back out again. (The cats went over the coffee
table and up on the kitchen counters, not John.) Where was
I during all this excitement? I was sound asleep! I missed
it all!