Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-02-02 18:08:25 (UTC)

I don't know....just another day?

Last night Stephanie came over after work and got me
to get dressed and go with her to Amici's. It was pretty
fun. We tool Kent with us and actually he was pretty cool
about it. Stephanie was giving him all of these pointers
about girls and the whole experience was just really
sereal. So anyway, we dropped Kent off at home but I
stayed over at Stephanie's. We stayed up late talking
about our childhoods and about the exoeriences that have
taken place in our lives which keep our childhoods further
separated from us. I guess it isn't only me that wants to
go back to the way things used to be... My moods are
lifting a bit though. I want to get my room finished
today. Maybe if I get my room organized my life will just
follow.... I don't know. Also I need to get some of my
makeup work finished. So those are my goals for
today....I can do that!