a watercolour stain
2002-02-02 17:46:26 (UTC)

nothing ever happens

well, when i said i would write again in a day, i lied. i
sooo haven't felt like typing. and besides, it's not like
i have tons of things to say anyways. isaac had the
interview on thursday. they called him back, said they
really liked him, and he has a 2nd interview sometime next
week. we got into a huge fight on thursday. it was the
screaming, shoving, throwing things kind. umm, i dyed my
hair. it's a prettiful dark red. isaac was quite unhappy
about it. evelyn heard about the interview and is already
looking for apartments for us. i hope he does get it, so
we can get the fuck out of here. i talked to john on the
computer for a while yesterday. i was soo surprised he was
on. well, i have things to do. if i get a chance, i'll
write more later.

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