2002-02-02 17:20:06 (UTC)

Long Time No Write

I have been a bit lost latley and lost far from my diary
I'd have to say, as it has been monthes since I have even
thought about it.
Any way, new news. Health! or rather lack of health!!
Quit working January 17,2002 due to my hands and my arms
and the weather! OK I have an advanced case of carpal
tunnel and some simmilar condition in my left elbow! After
several diffrent tests and a few doctors, They concluded me
broken and in need of repairs by way of surgery. And in
the midst of that, x-rays revealed some other ailment in
disks 5&6 in my neck wich will require future surgery as
So here I am, regrouping and trying to decide what I
need to do next to try and find some sort of normal ground
to stand on. Cause in the wake of all that, I have no
income, no money saved for times like these, and the
financial game of domminoes has come crashing down upon me.
At first I will admit, I was ready to give up, and I slept
for days. But I woke up and now I am ready to attack this
ugly battle with everything I've got!