My Thoughts and Dreams
2001-04-23 18:45:03 (UTC)

Is it possible to love someone you have never met?

Is it possible to love someone you have never met? Every
day millions of people meet online on the various chats.
They share intimate secrets about themselves and get to
know one another. Some chat every day for months and
months. Some tell each othere that they care deeply for
them and others, over a period of time, tell each other
that they love them. Is this possible? Can you really love
someone that you have never met in person? Some people say
no. They say that there is no way for that to happen. They
say that part of love is being physically attracted to the
person. That they can, indeed, care for them but cannot
honestly say that they have fallen in love with them.
Others tend to disagree. They think that this is the
perfect way to fall in love with someone. They say that
this way you get to know the true person. You get to fall
in love with their personality and their feelings and the
true person. Then the looks do not matter. If I had to
choose, I would be torn. I have some very dear friends on
the internet that I speak to every day that I have
developed true feelings for. But there is still the fear of
meeting them. What if they are not what I expected? What if
they turn out to be a psychopath that prey on people on the
internet and then murder them? Do we play it safe or do we
take the chance? If we never take the chance of meeting
them then who knows what we would have missed out on. We
may have passed up the love of our life. I don't know about
you, but I am not willing to take that chance. I am not
willing to live with the "what ifs". I would take that
chance. Would you?