Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-02 11:06:40 (UTC)


First thing - I found out why I lost my voice as a 13/14
year old, with the fiendesh. It was overstretching/abuse of
my vocal cords, causing them to stop working, albeit
temporarily as they should.

Last night, well, baby, I felt so good, again, another
Friday watching people get battered out of their face as I
drank just, well, a bit. And in the uni's top 50 songs, my
choice didn't get a look in. No, they avoided
playing 'Streets Of Philadelphia', just so as to clear the

A special mention to somebody I met online, too, and a
thanks for their confidence in me & Deli Girl.

Anything else that happened during the day was unrelated to
me, and I feel that to mention would be wrong, although
maybe, no, it'd be wrong, I won't rememeber it in the years
to come.

WILT? You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon