2001-04-23 17:21:36 (UTC)

well it s monday .. so far i..

well it's monday .. so far i needed a break.. went to
curves 3 days last week and took a few days off. not going
today but getting back into the swing of things tomorrow
but talk about hard and frustrating.. here i feel like i'm
losing weight and i actually ran into someone who actually
voiced i look like i'm gaining. what a setback.. and what
a thing to say. Never say that to a Woman Men! we'll eat
you alive ! well we'll see how things go.. i want to just
give up now but i'm not. i'll journal more tomorrow.

by the way .. to a thin line.. Mem.. if you read this ..
where is your diary? couldn't see it the other day ..
going to look now.. have a good day all !