writings on the wall
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2002-02-02 06:53:21 (UTC)


i was chatting with Keane online & he sarcastically
said "oh well, nice diary". he said that he doesn't want
to read it & asked me why i still send it to him. i was
hurt, way beyond hurt. this is the guy i felt that i could
talk to & share my feelings with & this was his reaction
when i sent him a page of my diary...

tears started welling in my eyes. i hate it when i
cry because of something a guy say or do. i told him that
i was crying & he said that he was sorry & that he didn't
mean to do it, promised that he won't hurt me again. why s
it that sometimes guys don't think before they speak? it's
like they say whatever they want without taking other
people's feelings into consideration.

i felt so alone. i have no one to talk to. my close
friends? i don't think they know how i feel. Keane is out
of the list now. Ken? i don't want to talk about my too-
personal stuff with a guy whom i have just got to know,
really don't want to scare him away. so there's only me &
this diary & this fucking world with the pathetic people
in it, me included!