Angels diserve to die
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2002-02-02 06:30:45 (UTC)

The angels keep on falling

Well well now here we are again and where are those blasted
angels, i want an angel! why does every one call me an
angel alot of the time, i am not one, but a real angel does
not hurt and loves everyone. So tell me if you can say
what angels are yet, if not its oaky my wang of libbiers
still keeping me happy. Well did you know that libbies
wang is...*looks around* THree Feet LONG? i got it for her
for christmas and she likes to use it
Hehehe....well alot of my friends i call angels alicia,
libby, mary, and holly, are the main ones, but there is
alot of others....deep inside we all are angels

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