My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-02-02 05:53:28 (UTC)

The Ice Storm

Wednesday, the ice, it all came down in freezing rain, and
stuck to EVERYTHING. Trees, telephone poles,
mailboxes, sides of houses, all covered in a thick coat of
ice. We lost power at our house around three in the
morning. We had no power for a ful day. A telephone/power line
toppeled over onto the street, so we had our raod blocked off for a
day. we woke up with no light, mom couldn't find batteries so she
listened to the weather reports on her radio in the van, obviously,
there wasn't any school. Dad left to go check on the Swamp and clear
out dead tree limbs from the drive & pathways. Before i woke up Matt
had already gone over to Josh's house - they had electricity the
whole day - and water too, pshhh. Mom and I spent the entire day
reading, i began to finish Circle At Center, i'm almost there... a
couple more chapters left... i finished what little homework I had
left, and started putting all my drawings and doodles and memento's
into my scrapbook, now that my friends, is a two year stock-pile of
endless junk, it's gonna take a loooong time for that to ever be
cleared up. Mom & I decided that if there would possibly be any
school tomorrow, we would need showers (no electricity, no
pump in the well, no water...) so we went over to Linda's house
(Josh's Mom) to get washed up. We ordered Pizza Hut from there, and
picked it up over on Peoria Street (saw Andy there in the drive-
threw, he didn't look to happy, his fam. was pickin up pizza) We
came home, ate, Mom went to pick up Matt (he had to take a shower
too). While she was gone, the power came back on! (HOORAY!) And by
the time she came back with Matt, all the lights in the house were
on (all my doing). I immediatly got online, i missed it so very
much... i had nothing better to do either,so... yeah, that was sad.
i had spent a WHOLE DAY without electricity. i'm surprised that i

Later Days,
Kara Jo