Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-02 04:32:15 (UTC)

I know what a KX125 is, jeez!!!!!

Thank God its finally Friday! This has been the longest
week! Yep, well I'm in the middle of watching Gone in 60
Seconds on DVD. Awesome movie! But I figured I better go
ahead and write this before I got to tired, heh.
School, was vaguely interesting. I pondered my existence
while I wasted A lunch. Played Pickle ball, I'm like the
world worst pickle ball player. Is that a bad thing? I'm
thinking, no. English was extremely amusing, as usual.
Cape Boy (he wears a black cape to school) just got up and
left during the middle of a quiz and didn't come back. And
Tristan was very ... high. So that was interesting. And
since we all had to give our poems, with a guy in a cape
and a high guy with blue hair, I mean, that just so can't
be bad.
Yep, Bryan talked to me again, but he didn't have much to
say. Yeah, big whoop. So we talked for a whole 10 minutes
about Bradshaw's leg and Arenacross, but then he had to go
to class. So, figures.
Morgain asked me go parting with her tonight and I was
actually going to go, but it fell thru. Carla couldn't
come get me and all that crap, so oh well. Parting isn't
really my thing anyway. At least she cared enough to ask
me to come.
Well, I won't ramble on about the scenery at school. But
at least there is some. Granted most are assholes, and
know they are hot. But still, they add ... color and fun
into my life. Heh. I was told by my entire class today
that, I was one of those brainy, shy, pretty girls, that
marries some computer geek--- becomes rich and lives
happily ever after... Grrrr. Could I have an affair with a
cute motocross guy? I wonder who I would pick... Anyway,
that was random.
Last night at Bible Study, we had to go around and say
where we thought we would be in 10 years. All the girls
were like, I'm going to be married, and a movie
star/singer/model or some crap. And I didn't really know.
I just hope I'm doing something fun, exciting, that has to
do with motorcycles, and that'll I'll be happy.
I may be obsessed with certain things, *wonders what they
could possibly be*, but my life is pretty damn good.
Granted I've never been kissed and crap. But I know I'm
not ugly, just a bit weird :p And I've been told my
personality can be "abrasive"... But whatever I'm happy
with life, so its all good.
Well, Jamie is now happily married by now ... Just
imagining her in bed with any guy is gross!!! Ack, ok that
may sound mean. But if she would just wash her hair a
little a bit more, it would be so much nicer ... See
there's my great personality. It must make me feel bigger
as a person, to diss others. At least I do it to their
face to and not completely behind their back.... Yeah
whatever, moving on
Well, I'm done narrating my little lame life ;p Back to
watching Nicholas Cage steal some very beautiful cars...