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2002-02-02 04:23:58 (UTC)

I'm baaaaackkk *for now*

I had an interesting week. The first thing that happened to
me was that I have to get my teeth worked on. *Ooh how
Skweery!* but the most exciting news is...

Dum da dum da...

I might be back in school! The High school drop out is
going to be back on track! Neato Greato eh? Fucking FAB!
Anyway enough with those terms...

Another subject,

I met my friends again they look the same, they haven't
changed a bit. They said that I changed alot. Then again
when I was in High School I had long black hair and I
weighed 100 pounds. At 18 years old, blonde hair, dark
green eyes, 5'2 and 131..I'm quite unusual. My friends are
doing great. No change, except that one of them has gotten
stuck up *so I have heard* but Ah well it was bound to

I kind of have a beau now. I have known him for 4 years of
my life, and he's a very good friend of mine..but I'm
having my ups and downs. The up is he's a good friend to me
and he would never let me down. The down is..I still love
Bryan. How can I ever get over that crazy Metalhead? I
can't. I feel like he's the one. I have to get him. I have
to make him mine! *maniac laughter*

My dog is doing great..she's sleeping right now. A sport
which I would like to do but I'm on the computer and I'm
not getting off of this till my mother comes home. My
computer should be up and running soon..but my mom just
gets busy. Shit happens. There's always Malls. or Food ...

I'm kinda bored with this right now. I'll type more
later.Maybe tomorrow.

-Tah Tah