Semper etim Aeturnum
2001-04-23 15:08:17 (UTC)

Assignment 1:

According to a recent request, my first assignment is to
list 10 things that I find beautiful in life. So, as such
as was directed of me, I present my list.
Mind you, the only order that these are in is the order
that my mind spawns them, cause hey,I'm weird :)
10 of Life's Beauties
1. The tender embrace of a close friend, who was afraid
that I was hurt.
2. The evening sky setting over and across a seemingly
endless body of water, casting a illumeniscent, ethereal
rainbow out for all to see, if they but just happen to look.
3. The way my calf muscles started to ache, from much
walking, after being on a bus for a long long time, showing
that I was still alive, and that despite everything... I
was still traveling.
4. The little teasing smile, from the same friend as
mentinoed earlier, as she walked by, while I was typing
this, because I know... I know that she cares.
5. Driving down the road, to a place that I've never been,
simply for the point of taking me there, hand in hand, with
stolen kisses in front of stop light spy cameras, spy
birds, and radar squirrels.
6. Sitting by the computer, smiling as we plan our evil
little victories over those of the evil empire that deserve
them (in case you can't tell... this is sarcastic, and
therefor saying that I honestly find my sense of humor
(depraved and all) something very beautiful to see, even if
it does mean that I do many many silly and funny things.
7. Listening to her sing. Something that just makes one
want to sit back, smile, and appreciate the beauty of life,
and the scenery all around.
8. The glittering spray of lights, reflecting off of the
ring that I wear on my finger.
9. Knowing that as I type this, she's looking over my
shoulder, telling me not to make my diary with anything
black on it. And knowiung that, well, honestly, I just
haven't even bothered checking out the Preferences option
10. Hampster Dance(A world and wonderment of beauty and
humor in that in and of its own).

Yes, I do know that, as I sit here, that I could go on.
And that... is something beautiful.
And I know that if she wants me to continue, that she'll
tell me.

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