Drama Queen
2002-02-02 04:12:42 (UTC)


Its strange how some days seem longer then others, I mean
today seemed like it would never end, that there was
always something more that needed to be done and that I
was never going to get to sit down and breath... I am
finally though and although it is not the release that I
have been looking forward to it... I guess that it is
better then nothing.
So yea i have been running around like a chicken with its
head cut off, cleaning, cooking, making, fixing... it
seemed like things around here were just falling apart.
that no matter how much I did there is always something
more to be done. Oh well i supose that now there is
nothing else for me to do I can just sit down and do
Well I guess that things will calm down again and that
soon enough everything will be back to normal and I will
be doing too many things to count and never be home... I
shall look forward to dong that again... this is far worse
then doing nothing like I have been doing, at least then I
get out of the house!

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