Days of My Life
2001-04-23 14:53:07 (UTC)

Day one

This is my journal. I am a 44-year old mother of 2,
stepmother of 2, grandmother of 1. I have been married to
my husband for just under 2 years. Our marriage is, for
the most part, a happy one. Let me introduce you to my

Dave -- My husband. Works part time at a carpet store and
does all their measures. Makes a good living for us and I
think he really does love me. His sex drive is non-
existent. (I'll get into that more later)

Jerimiah -- my 21-year old son. Works for a company in
Indianapolis as a tech support for computers. He has
always been a computer geek. He just got his Microsoft
accredidation. He has a 7-month daughter, Makenzi. He and
his girlfriend just broke up this weekend. He left and
she's devastated. There's not much I can do for either of
them. I just to make sure I'm here for Makenzi.

Joshua -- my 19-year old son. Is in the Marines and
stationed in Hawaii. Has a 16-year old pre-fiancee at
home. Her name is Kaytee. They make an adorable couple.
If they can survive his being in the Marines and away from
home, they can survive anything!

Leslie -- my 16-year old stepdaughter. Is a little on the
Goth side of the fence. Dresses all in black and dark
colors. Colors her hair dark red. All this is fine with
both of us. Has a boyfriend who is currently in critical
condition in the hospital with pancreatitis. We're so
worried about him. He might not make it. If he doesn't,
I've already told my husband that we would need to watch
her very closely. She could become suicidal. She loves
him SO much

Michael -- my 15-year old stepson. This child stands 6'4",
weighs 320 pounds and is a 100% couch potato. We've been
trying to get him interested in football or wrestling. But
he doesn't want to work at doing anything! He has had
asthma in the past and his mother has him believing that he
can't do anything because of it! She is pathetic. But
since the kids live with her for a week and us for a wekk,
we have no chance in changing the way Michael thinks or
behaves. When he is a 35-year couch potato still living
with his mom with no job, no friends and no romantic life,
maybe THEN she will see the error of her thinking!

Now I'm rambling! lol I like to ramble.

Now about me -- I'm a 44-year old wife and mom. Since Dave
and I got married, I've been a stay-at-home wife and mom.
I used to work for a legal company as secretary. I did
that for almost 5 years. Then they moved my office from a
half hour drive from home to an hour drive from home. I
lasted 7 months. Then I had to quit. I haven't gone back
to work and don't really look for work. As long as Dave
like me staying at home, I'm fine. My job is to take care
of the house, cook, clean, do laundry and take care of him
and the kids. Very 50s, don't you think? No, I don't wear
an apron, or pearls. lol Also, I've been diagnosed with
diabetes. So, I have to watch what I eat and exercise.
Thankfully, Dave is also on the diet with me. We both need
to lose weight!

I guess that should do it for the first day!