The Nightshade Princess
2002-02-02 03:09:18 (UTC)

This beautiful drowning

I got bored this eve. I desired some action,
something aside from my everyday existance of homework,
chores, internet, bedtime... or my standard weekend routine
at father's house - stay up until 3am, get up at 1-3pm,
shower, dress, primp... lie on the couch. Invite LesTaT
and kiss and tickle each other until he has to go. Well
that changed just a little this time.
I called him, with my wretched case of terminal
boredom. After MUCH deliberation (father was "too tired"
to take me home at 9pm cuz he went out all day, so LesTaT's
mom took me home), I ended up at his house. This was the
first time I spent any longer than 5 minutes there, and
quite probably the first time his mother ever got a look at
me, certianly the first conversation she and I had over 30
seconds. I was nervous at first, as anyone would be when
first getting to know such an important parent. After all,
if everything goes well, and I am so certain it shall, she
will be my mother in law in a few years! Looking as I do,
floor-length velvet cloak, brand new patent vinyl, 4-inch
lace-up boots (they FINALLY came yesterday afternoon!),
blue lips, black eyeshadow, stockings of patterned netting,
and a prized pallor that rivals Casper the Friendly
Ghost... Well, I was more than a bit nervous. I decided
that I should be myself, and let my personality speak for
itself. LesTaT dresses in male gothic clothing, so really
my appearance has never been an issue. I was simple
jittery - probably the most normal and natural feeling I've
had in years.
She and I double-teamed him, because we were female
and we could. It was all in fun, though... we told him we
loved him, and then made him buckle his seatbelt whilst we
went to rent a movie.
The lights were turned out, and candles lit. His
mother has as big a candle fetish as I, perhaps more, but I
doubt that's actually possible.
I was wrapped in his arms, his fragrance, his
warmth... I was wrapped in blessed darkness with the one
whom I love so dearly I cannot do it justice in words. I
looked into his eyes and caught my breath, as I do when
faced with such beauty, and I lost the power to speak. It
was beautiful, this drowning, this lovely suffocation. We
snuggled together on the couch as we watched the movie. I
love him so very much. When the movie was over, and I was
home again, I felt light and free, mesmerized by the magic
in his heart. His fragrance lingered around me, a mixture
of his cologne and his natural perfume. I love both... My
beloved's soft voice and sweet ways remain in my mind. He
is everything that I could ask for. He opened my car door
for me, and every other door we encountered. He let me
pass first through smaller openings as he always does. He
is my Prince and I am his Princess. We belong so well
together. My father LIKES him... I could die in the
moments we are together, peacefully and sweetly. I have
nearly fallen asleep in his arms on so many occasions I
could not count them.
He and father may be going on a fishing trip
tomorrow. LesTaT has yet to make his decision, but I know
that if he goes, he and father shall have many talks, they
shall get to know each other better. This is certainly a
good thing, but LesTaT's mother also desires something of
him that day, though she shall let him go if he wishes.
There is much do not know in this situation, though it
looks as though he probably won't go... he is sitting
pretty heavily on the fence now. I must go. LesTaT, I
love you more than I can ever begin to express in mere
words. Your presence is a candle in the gloom and the fog
and the dust. I love you...