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2002-02-02 02:57:09 (UTC)


hey there
i am really sorry that you got rejected by that girl
you didn't her then if she was going to act like that
so don't worry you'll find someone else i promise you just
might have more in common with her than you really know
but don't give up hope on finding a nice girl for yourself
You dont need to be driving fast especially when you are
mad and drunk. don't think that i am jumping on you i am
just telling you how i feel you could say. hope that storm
wasnt real bad and i hope that you are ok and that your
family is ok too. i didnt know that you worked at a coffee
house thats nice i love drinking coffe but not all the time
i reall like capacino (french vanilla with cinnamin) that
is really good you should try it sometime . tell me what
you have been doing besides getting in wrecks and going to
parties i like hearing things like that from you cause i am
trying to figure out why in the world you don't have a
girlfriend now cause you are a REALLY sweet and nice guy to
talt to on the computer. so well I've got to go i am
looking at prom dresses for prom this year but ya know i
have got to find me a guy to go with i havent been looking
really and plua no one has asked me. well gotta go hope to
hear from you soon. try and stay out of trouble bye.



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