mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-02-02 02:55:10 (UTC)

rollercoaster.....or , my life.....

i love lisa, when we are together i am happy, when i am
away from her i am down. And now, i am fairly certain that
my parents and family have disowned me. Since i sent out
engagement announcement, i havent heard anything form any
family members. Nothing good, nothing bad, nothing at all...
- SO if i am still part of family, why am i being ignored
now ??? Dad used to at least send me e-mail, now i dont
even get that. Why is it that no one wants to see my
happy ??? Lisa and i were ment to be together. what we have
is real love , but no one wants to believe me.
well mom & dad, I love you both, but if you want me out of
family then - TO HELL WITH YOU BOTH !!! ill make it so you
never see my kids if i have to go to court to do it.
i love lisa and no one is gonna stop me from marrying her
or my being happy with her.
i guess that just about says it all for tonight.