why me....
2001-04-23 14:21:37 (UTC)

Just another Day....

Hey what's up? it's me again... today is just another day
in the life of me.. well today I left school early cuz I'm
sick.. But of course my french teacher won't believe that..
she'll just think I'm skipping so I don't have to READ THE
STUPID POEM!!! UGHHH.. that makes me soo mad how If I'm
absent teachers automatically assume that it's cuz there
was somehting due.. isn't a perosn allowed to be sick???¿¿
Hello isn't a person allowed to have a fever well I guess
not! haven't they ever herd of the expression dont assume
otherwise you'll make and ass of me and you!! HELLO!! ughh
now that I got that out of my system.. I feel better...
Maybe that is why I'm failing cuz I never go to
school...but it's not like I plan it like this.. things
just happen to me... anyways.. let me tell you about last
night.. OMG I met the sweetest Girl her name is Jessica and
OMG WE are totally alike... she's great and the funny thing
is I SWEAR we were seperated at birth... and she loves
lance just like me.. oh my hunny.. omg lol just kidding
anyways... well I'm really excited cuz leah invited me down
the shore when she goes, and she just got tixx to BSB I'm
soo excited cuz shaggy is opening and OMG I have that cd...
can we say WONDERFUL and I just got the lifehouse cd..
that's AWESOME!! it's a great CD! Ohh wow I feel like
crap... anyways...DId i I say anything about mike earlier?
well I'm really upset he never came back to see me.. and
omg my prom... how much do I not want to go!! omg everyone
is going to have a date but of course I'm the ugly duckling
and I don't have one... the prom is this friday who am I
supposed to go with.. it's not like I'm popular and I can
just ask anyone... ummm noo!! I don't have the guts to go
up to someone and be like will you go to the prom with
me... I'd rather not... cuz knowing my luck they'll say
HELL NO!! WEll that's my prom story.. I just hope I get a
date by friday... I'm soo upset cuz now I have noone to get
ready with... I'm such a lozer I have no friends.. UGHH
that makes me sooo made.. so I'm gonna show up with no date
and not even with friends...I wish carson could take me to
my prom.. he's my idol he'd know what to do.. MAN do I
really wish I could meet him... that's the one thing in
life that I want... I don't want to marry him.. just talk
to him... is that soo much to ask.. well I guess so... I
gotta bounce peace!