OhBaby It Is Me

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2002-02-02 02:53:42 (UTC)

Shaun and Nick

Schutt85: babe
Schutt85: WhsWhats up
RobertLover411: Nothing
Schutt85: So...
Schutt85: I was wondering
RobertLover411: what
Schutt85: What kind of flowers do you like?
RobertLover411: The ones I'm not allergic to
Schutt85: Witch ones
RobertLover411: None, I'm alergic to them all
Schutt85: That sucks
RobertLover411: I like it actually
Schutt85: Oh
RobertLover411: Don't get me presents
RobertLover411: I HATE pRESENTS
Schutt85: To bad
RobertLover411: I HATE THEM
Schutt85: Oh well
RobertLover411: I HATE THEM
RobertLover411: Don't get me anything
Schutt85: Oh well
RobertLover411: or Shaun says he'll slap you
RobertLover411: he's standing behind me
Schutt85: Oh well
RobertLover411: Your not gonna be saying oh well when he
knocks your ass out
Schutt85: Oh well
RobertLover411: I'm just the messanger
Schutt85: Oh
RobertLover411: So what up
Schutt85: Notin
Schutt85: Boured
RobertLover411: I am too
Schutt85: Yeah
RobertLover411: Yeah
Schutt85: Know that book I told you about the one I had to
read. Well I power read through it to find out I have until
RobertLover411: That's funny
Schutt85: Ha Ha HA
Schutt85: Why don't you like presents?
RobertLover411: B/c I just do
Schutt85: Why
Schutt85: So have any work
RobertLover411: What
Schutt85: homework
Schutt85: Blah Blah Blah
RobertLover411: I have homework but I'll never do it
Schutt85: Why
Schutt85: I hVE LOTZ
Schutt85: Every subject
RobertLover411: Great
Schutt85: Yeah
Schutt85: not
RobertLover411: Are you not talking to me
Schutt85: Yeah you stopped
Schutt85: So
RobertLover411: So
Schutt85: Do you plan on doin nothing over the weekend like
RobertLover411: Yeah
Schutt85: Sounds like fun
RobertLover411: Yeah
Schutt85: Thats what all my weekends are like
RobertLover411: Same here
Schutt85: wanna here a joke
RobertLover411: Logan
Schutt85: The farmer allows walkers to creoss the field for
free, but the bull charges.
Schutt85: HaAh AhHA fun hu
RobertLover411: Wanna hear a better one?
RobertLover411: SHAUN
Schutt85: Yeah
RobertLover411: He's gonna kill you for that one
RobertLover411: What's your number?
Schutt85: why
RobertLover411: I wanna know
Schutt85: which one
Schutt85: both
RobertLover411: The one your at right now
Schutt85: 394-0101
Schutt85: Do you want the real one
Schutt85: Just kiding
RobertLover411: are you giving me a blank stare right now?
Schutt85: Why would i
RobertLover411: did you get that?
Schutt85: No , I 'm stupid
RobertLover411: "Wanna come chill
RobertLover411: ?"
Schutt85: Is there a # I can reach you at
RobertLover411: Yeah
RobertLover411: ------------------------
Schutt85: Fuck you asshole go home
Schutt85: Leave me alone
RobertLover411: Ha Ha that's what I should have said
Schutt85: I know
Schutt85: That kid would have shit himself
RobertLover411: I don't think so
RobertLover411: He would have probally shot me
Schutt85: No
RobertLover411: I bet so
Schutt85: B/c you wouldn't say that to his face
RobertLover411: I know
Schutt85: Nither would I
RobertLover411: Cause your gay
RobertLover411: Like Matt Love and Shaun
Schutt85: At least I don't rap
RobertLover411: At least
Schutt85: to bad
Schutt85: but logan does
RobertLover411: I know
RobertLover411: I know
Schutt85: Thats what he does with all his time
RobertLover411: I don't wanna know what he does with his
Schutt85: B/c you already know
Schutt85: Just picture it
RobertLover411: oh oh oh oh oh
RobertLover411: that is so wrong
Schutt85: No its not because no one could ever picture it
Schutt85: ever
Schutt85: Well
Schutt85: maybe Alica
Schutt85: Talk to me
Schutt85: Strawberries
RobertLover411: Your an idot
Schutt85: Your a bitch
Schutt85: but i still like ya
RobertLover411: Well your a little momma's boy
RobertLover411: and I hate you.
Schutt85: Daddys little slut
RobertLover411: Your point HOE?
Schutt85: Your man brest with nipples
RobertLover411: I think your a PANSY ASS
RobertLover411: and you look like a female prostitue
RobertLover411: You BITCH
Schutt85: Well you a slut that can't date outside the family
Schutt85: BITCH
RobertLover411: You better shut your mouth right now if you
know whats best for you... You scumbag
Schutt85: You tried to date outside the family but Incest
it the best because then the whole family can play
Schutt85: Baby
Schutt85: So... having fun
RobertLover411: no I really do hate you.
RobertLover411: You have absoultely no idea what I'm going
through.... YOU BASTARD!!!!

Schutt85: What
Schutt85: tell me
RobertLover411: I am literally crying my eyes out I just
wanna go to sleep.. You've hurt me so much you son of a
RobertLover411: I HATE U
RobertLover411: I HATE U
RobertLover411: I HATE U
RobertLover411: I do I really DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schutt85: Really
RobertLover411: no
Schutt85: Funny
RobertLover411: no its not
Schutt85: That wasnt nice
RobertLover411: You really cut me deep
RobertLover411: Down to the bone
Schutt85: er
RobertLover411: SHREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RobertLover411: errr... shut up
RobertLover411: You dumbass
RobertLover411: You think this is cute?
Schutt85: Baby
RobertLover411: Do you like playing mind games with me?
Schutt85: just like you
RobertLover411: Baby... Baby you can go to hell.
RobertLover411: I ain't playin witchu either
RobertLover411: I never wanna see your grotesque face EVER
Schutt85: As long as you go with me
RobertLover411: for real.
RobertLover411: for real.
RobertLover411: I donno anymore Nick...
RobertLover411: I really don't
RobertLover411: You've hit me hard
RobertLover411: Hard Hard Hard
Schutt85: I have to go
RobertLover411: BELOW THE BELT
RobertLover411: OH NO
RobertLover411: U PANSY ASS

RobertLover411: Guess who this is?
RobertLover411: U fool.
RobertLover411: Come on... take a wild guess....
RobertLover411: You pathetic fool
RobertLover411: COME ON
RobertLover411: GUESS
RobertLover411: It's me... S h a u n.
RobertLover411: muhahaahahahahahaaha
RobertLover411: muahahahahaahahah
RobertLover411: u PANSY
RobertLover411: I got ur number
RobertLover411: I'm going to school Monday
Schutt85 signed off at 10:00:58 PM.
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