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2002-02-02 02:21:10 (UTC)

Come Bask In The Glorious Splender Of Me *laughs*

Okay, normally I dont sit here and say how great I am but I
am going to share my nomination for employee of the month
that one of my residents submitted... It was sweet..

I nominate Christine, Assisted Living R.A. for Associate Of
The Month.

Christine is what I consider to be an outstanding employee.
Each resident has individual problems and she certainly
understands mine and acts accordingly, to my amazement. In
times of distress, Christine gives encouragment equal to
that of one older and wiser.Her long and hard hours dont
damper her spirits, as she always enters the room with a
smile, respectful salutation and cheerful conversation. As
Christine assists me with my bath or dressing for the day,
she is gentle and kind and always knows where and what
clothing is appropriate. When she does my laundry, the items
are always returned neatly folded or placed on hangers and
safely stored away until needed. Christine worls with no
on-site supervisor which proves the high degree of her
dependability, accountability and responsibility as a
caregiver. Because she represents the highest standards of
the Marriott organization, I heartily nominate Christine for
Associate Of The Month for Brighton Gardens.

Due to the extreme difficulty for me to write, I have asked
another resident to write for me as I tell the story.

Assisted Living Resident

That was so sweet. I didnt get the associate of the month
award. A housekeeper recieved it but thats okay. I have a
small group of residents who keep nominating me because they
are determined that I recieve recognition. See why leaving
is going to be hard?

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