writings on the wall
2002-02-02 02:10:31 (UTC)

when i fall in love...

ever since Stanley, kissing guys have never felt the
same again. after him, i think there were like 2 or 3
other guys but i don't enjoy kissing them. the feelings of
passion just isn't there. or maybe their techniques suck.
or maybe it's just me, still thinking of him...

before Stanley, i love kissing. it's the best way of
making me aroused without even touching any parts of my
body. but now, it felt so weird that i'd rather not let a
guy kiss me unless i have no other choices. you know how
it feels like to say "no, please" & see the look of
disappointed on their faces right? the next thing you
know, they'll be asking you "is my kissing really that
bad?" or "does my mouth stink?"

well, one thing i know is that i am not feeling
guilty about kissing other guys after Stan. & i've never
kissed other guys when i was with him. come to think of
it, i didn't even dare to look at other guys twice when i
went clubbing with my gfs because i promised him. okay,
enough about Stan, i am sure that you guys are sick of
hearing me whining about him. ash, please get a life!!!
(my fave phrase at the moment)

maybe one day, when i find kissing a guy enjoyable,
i'll allow myself to fall in love again...

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