A ShiTTy GaMe CaLL LiFe
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2002-02-02 02:02:09 (UTC)

my best cuddy.....

i was reading my cuddy's diary today, and remembered that
she wrote about me on my birthday in december. im really
proud of the relationship we have, so im gonna let everyone
see what she wrote. she mite have meant it as a little
diary entry, but to me, it meant a thousand words more:

A tribute to the beauty of a Princess, a Fallen angel


We have wandered only a few paths together
although we have our whole lives entwined behind us.

We have shown one another only the beginning of the rainbow,
but have weathered many storms.

We have shared many shadowy experiences
during times of broken promises, broken hearts,
and know each other's thoughts without a spoken word.

Only you can comprehend the decisions I make,
the constant tears I shed.

Thank you Cuddy,
For bearing my burdens along with yours
For sharing the brilliance that is you
For always being within reach
For never losing the sweet essence that is you.

... but mostly ...

For never losing faith, even in my seemingly most hopeless

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY. I love you always, Lisa.

*sniff sniff*...i know....that was really nice. thank u
cuddy. I love u too ;)

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