Emotional Fluctuations
2002-02-02 02:00:55 (UTC)


Well, 2night is opening night 4 the play I am in. "Keep
Hedz Ringin'" will b a smash hit and every1 will know who I
am (insert sinister laughter here). I am so excited yet
calm at the same time. I hope we have a good show and I'm
sure the reception and the cast party willb a smash. I was
thinking of getting hammered 2night but we'll c. It is at
my director's house and I respect her and don't want 2 make
a fool of myself n her presence. Sometimes I could care
less cause the owner of the house we party in gets crazier
than we do. I plan 2 have fun.
I realize that I am very horny and since I have promised 2
give Dana her distance or rather distance myself from her,
my need 4 intimate satisfaction is being unmet and it's
driving me crazy. I rally want 2 have some down-nasty sex
and I'm losing my mind. If it wasn't 4 masturbation...
well, u know the rest. I really miss sex. U have no idea
how difficult it is 2 b surrounded by such gorgeous women
all the time. I guess it just strengthens my resolve. But
FUCK!!! I mean here is a list of women that turn me on
right now and I have 2 be next 2 them 4 some time. There's
Fadhia, Casiha, Grace, Marissa, Aimee, Becky, Summer,
Misty, Dana, Sara, Shay'la, Jennifer, Roanna, Sally,
Shannon, Nancy, Heidi, tiffany, Debbie, Alyson, Sophia,
AGGGGHHHHHH!!!! man, it is.. well, enuff bitchin.
I am so excited about going 2 San Fran ACTF. The big plus
is my best friend is getting married and I'm the Best Man.
I get 2 go up north, go shopping with him, perform my Ryan,
c Ann (who I really miss and adore and can't wait till I
lay eyes on again), party, audition 4 summer work (since
I'm graduating in June (yeah!)), party, meet a bunch of
people from a bunch of campuses, party, support our school
as they perform a show up there, support fellow actors as
they go 4 the same prize as me (and fail horribly (again
insert sinister laughter)), and best of all I get 2
PARTY!!! I really need 2 party. Hey, maybe I'll kill 2
birds with 1 trip 2 Hayward. Hmmmmm. Well, I better go,
It's 6pm and my call is at 7 which means my call is at 6:15
(I like 2 b early). Peace & B Wild.