Cruel Intentions
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2001-04-23 13:17:48 (UTC)

Too easy 4 me..

Hey Sexy..
ever noticed how music influences your moods?
*evil grin*
im going to listen to the cruel intentions soundtrack
more.. oh, and this song.. "Angel" I like it.. here are
some of the lyrics:

you are my angel
come from way above
to bring me love

her eyes
shes on the dark side
eat alive every man in sight

*smile* get the idea? ill play it for you one day
but it um.. put me in this mood.. cant really explain it on
here, but im sure u know what i mean anyway.

mmmm.. sorta glad your not on here at the moment.. im really
in an twisted mood and I'm all horny and these guys are no fun to
play with.. all so easy. Guys are all easy..

I mean, read this...

swoop7_99: hey
kaniki_ci: hey
kaniki_ci: i cant talk, i have to get going, its late here..
swoop7_99: its ok i have to go soon anyway
swoop7_99: *grabs her around the waist*
kaniki_ci: *smile* ive been thinking about u
swoop7_99: really now
swoop7_99: what about
kaniki_ci: *shrugs* stuff
swoop7_99: *gently takes her face in his hands and lightly kisses
her* what kind of stuff
kaniki_ci: *kisses u sofly back* nice kinda stuff
swoop7_99: *grabs her ass and squeezes* ohh you!!
kaniki_ci: *L*
swoop7_99: so you going to go to sleep
kaniki_ci: *grabs ur ass and squeezes it*
kaniki_ci: no.. but i am going to bed
swoop7_99: you going to think about me
kaniki_ci: *evil look* maybe..
kaniki_ci: *licks my lips seductivly*
swoop7_99: *presses his lips against her mouth grabbing her tongue
and sucking on it*
kaniki_ci: mm...
kaniki_ci: i would stay and enjoy this more..
kaniki_ci: but i have to go
swoop7_99: *puts his hand over her crotch and gently squeezes *
swoop7_99: ok
kaniki_ci: *moans softly* ill ttys.... *runs my hand slowly up the
inside or ur leg letting it slide lightly over ur crotch*
kaniki_ci: night.....
swoop7_99: *lets his hand slide in her pants and plays with her clit
through her panties*
kaniki_ci: have to go...
kaniki_ci: bye bye
swoop7_99: well i guess i will see you then
kaniki_ci: *kiss* i guess u will
swoop7_99: lol
swoop7_99: see you then
swoop7_99: bye
Yahoo! Messenger: swoop7_99 has logged out. (4/23/01 at 10:48)

too easy.. just hint that im horny and he's mine..

oh, and as for Michael.. hes obssessed.. he calls me over 10 times a
day now, and even in the middle of the night, just to say stupid
things like goodnite. I'm getting annoyed with him, its boring. I
dont care if he thinks about me 24/7.. im sick of him.. playing with
him was fun, but hes out lived his entertainment value. And he sounds
like a fuckhead when he cums.

Night Bastian

- Niki

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