My life as Trick
2002-02-02 01:16:41 (UTC)

4.1! Where's my medal?

4.1 miles today...

Now, I KNOW that I say I run approx. 4 miles when I

... and, to a degree that's true.

3.7-3.9 miles is APPROXIMATELY 4 miles. It's not
fibbing, it's rounding up. They did it all the time in my
math class, especially when we were working with

But today... TODAY

4.1 dead-on.

I have a blister on my foot that has GOT to be at least
1.5 inches long (but as to whether I'm rounding up or
not is anyone's guess), and a grin on my flushed-out
dehydrated face that speaks wonders.

And to those naysayers out there who will tell me, "It's
only 2-4 TENTHS of a mile more than you usually do", I
say this....

Go to Hell. How about that?

..Now where's my water bottle..