No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-02-02 00:46:56 (UTC)

weird mood, not happy, not sad, not mediocer

i'm in one of those weird moods, I'm not really happy but
not sad, it's kinda a middle, not good but not bad middle.
I need something to make me happy. I tried taking a pic of
me for a friend and i couldn't. my snile looks so fake and
i look so confused.

my dad isnt sending support, which makes me mad. I e-mailed
him and told him i wasnt gunna talk to him without support,
i mean we havent gotten support in FOREVER, like at least
one month. we cant make it on my mom's paycheck. money
sucks. lol.

I don't know. I'm weird. lol. maybe if the music i was
listening to was happier, but it isnt really gloomy. i dont
know, i guess its my mood, i've had a good but bad day, and
all the good and bad makes me weird. lol. I NEED HAPPY!
lol, i'm dumb. bye guys!