My Soulful Eyes
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2002-02-02 00:22:50 (UTC)

What does "Anneversary" means?

Today, we have been married for 8 years...seems longer than
that, but I guess some people just feel that way. We can't
do anything, we have no money, I can't even get him a card,
I kinda feel distant from him anyway, we never sleep
together like most married people, and I can't remember
the last time we have had sex, or made "love" I hate
quickies, I told him I'd like it if he'd just come up and
kiss me, don't grab the boobs or crotch, something more
romantic, I know he knows how to be that way, he was before
the kids, maybe he can't because he's grossed out about me
now, don't know the lat time he's seen me naked. Yes, I
need his touch to feel human,and sexy...I am so homesick
right now, I miss my best friends like nobody's
business,and my least there, if I wanted to go
somewhere I'd have the bus, not here, it costs so much here
to use that, I have never been afraid to drive as i am here
in this shity town, I wonder why he doesn't turn it in, I
am tired of hiding, I never have done this before, he may
have, I refuse to live this way. But what do I do? I
already falsified the accident, my name was in the paper,
how embarrassing, never was it before.....I am going to
soak in the tub, maybe R will let me use her
headset.....take care, w/b tomorrow if I get time, if not,
the next day......."where you are, that's where I wanna be.
In your eyes, all the things i wanna see. in the night, you
are my dreams, you're everything to me" I wish J would feel
that way....nite nite

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