Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-04-23 12:09:44 (UTC)

Returned From Heaven...


I haven't graced these pages for awhile, but I have been in
Challaborough. I'm now back though, much to my
disappointment coz all my friends are in new York or Italy.
The holiday wasn't as good as it could have been. Me and my
mates got into a big argument about a lad, which was
totally my fault for flirting with him when my mate fancied
him, but things got out of hand and she got seriously
pissed off. I felt bad, and understood her feelings, but
then she started getting pissy at me talking to him, and
that annoyed me. kathryn found out some really bad news,
and we all tried to be there for her. She coped really
well for the first few days and then broke down and got
really moody. Luckily we were all really understanding
about it, otherwise she would have gone into depression.
We all slept over her caravan one night to cheer her up,
but everyone was pissed off and depressed themseleves due
to the big argument about this lad, but luckily things went
I want to know why men are like buses. You get none for
AGEs and then 3 come along at once!! This lad we were all
arguing over liked me, a lad at hom likes me, and one of
the Ents team like me. I'm very flattered by it all, but
recently have had the title 'slapper' given to me by
various people, so this can't look good. I'm not guna go
for the lad who likes me who we were arguing over, to
prevent arguments and coz he lives to far away. That leaves
the other 2. They are both VERY nice, but shy, and I'm
scared to trust the ents team member coz of what Chris did
to me last year, but I can't judge Brendan by that wanker.
I don't know, advice anyone, please? You're outsiders, help!