The lost little girl
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2002-02-02 00:03:32 (UTC)


i want that knight in white up on his horse to get me the
fuck outta here...i'm stuck in this rut..no..it's not even a
rut it's this big whole that i have happened to come
across..and fallen into!
where the hell is that knight..i've been sitting here for so
long. My princess crown has fallen down and tumbled to a
ringing stop.i used to be able to see the sun through my
little window in this castle so high...but it's gone now.
the real question is...did it go away on it's own knowing it
cannot save me. Or did i bid it away because I KNOW it
cannot save me!?!
I want him, i want him so badly...
he is my sun and my moon.
He's my stars and my sky...
my blood and my breath.
But i've lost him forever.
i cry for him, over and over...
but all i do is waist tears.
i run after him,
and with ever step i take i drop into the earth.
never reaching him, i just begin to cry again...
Oh god!
I know if i keep writing now, i'll keep crying. so i think i
will stop here...if anyone wishes to share some wisdom with
me, feel free...even if i don't know you. i think i could
use it. thanks...jane

Daily Quote: " and just so you know, i will always love you
jane, no matter what..." - taken from my senior yearbook

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