Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
2002-02-01 23:17:24 (UTC)

The Day of No Title

Ok, Ok, I cant think of a title.So sew me.Yesterday I
forget to talk about the dance assemble.The coreographer
was sooo annoyinging.You could just tell he was bursting
just to shout out "I'm super!Thanks for asking!"And he also
did that annoying Mister Rogers thing.

"Can you say "dancing"?I know know you can."

And at the end they tried to do hip hop.All I saw was
ballet done in rap clothing.Heh heh.Well, at least we
missed class time.Plum and I, went to the art teacher to
try to get JavaGirl into art enrichment since she drew some
really cool pictures.Shes in as long as her dad signs a
form.Thats cool!Cause know we can all hang out in art

I could write more probably, but my mind has been
wondering...wonder..womder...Must...play...more video games!
Must play!Mwahahaha!Come little video game!Lets play!!!