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2002-02-01 22:46:20 (UTC)



Emotionless I slip in to the black
and there’s no turning back now
everyone around me smoking crack
this tunnel is blinding
hallucinating I’m debating life
but it’s still moving forward
if I could just change the hands of time
well I’d do it better

just walk away
just walk away
just walk away

fearless I have fell in to a trap
and there’s no way around it
everyone is crying in the back
my kin is around me
hesitating there’s no second chance
when you know your a loser
keep on trying keep an open mind
I’m caught in a circle

just walk away x 3

emotionless I slip in to the crack
fill as if I’ve fell in to the blue
hallucinating there’s no turning back
everyone around me smoking crack

just walk away x 4

If you even heard a thing I’ve said

Puddle Of Mudd

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