Forgotten Misery
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2002-02-01 22:38:22 (UTC)

my teacher is fat ass piece of lard that i hate

I hate my spanish teacher I miss ms myers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well here in alil while im gona go get lost trying to find
sarahs house. We all are meeting at her house then going
to the mall so im not sure if its an over nighter but im
not gonna stay all night so anyways i need some sleep so i
cant be out all night i have a few reports to due that are
due on monday but the week wont be to bad its a 4 day week
we get friday off so that coo. Dang skippy i bes cold. U
know what i cant say yoyo anymore people just kinda look at
me funny cause i said it once and they were like um lol so
yo yo is gone i now give people the permission to take it
but all i can say is damn right is all mine um Geoff!!!!!

Love u all hugs and tons of kisses,

Ps: i did really good on my speech when i see u guys next i
will bring the video tappe of it yes we video tape
ourselves speaking lol. mauh!

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